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UM Report List Details

Below are UM Reports included as part of the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP). Please note, this is not the complete list. We will add individual reports as they move through development and testing so please visit this page regularly.

All the reports listed on this page will be available in the new Reporting Center when the ESUP systems launch in the spring of 2015. The short video below introduces the Reporting Center and demonstrates how University faculty and staff will use this new tool to find reports in the future. 

YouTube Video

Reports tied to business processes

To the extent possible, University staff in the Interactive Design & Prototyping (IDP) sessions linked reports to their related business processes as part of the discrete work function and usually associated with a module or page in PeopleSoft. Each report listed below was addressed during an IDP session. Below is a brief description from each work stream describing what's happening to UM Reports in their respective area:

All UM Reports for Finance are staying the same. Only the manner of accessing these reports is changing.

Most HRMS reports from UM Reports will be retained.
  • 33 will be retained while only 6 will be retired.
  • 24 of the 33 retained reports will have some new data fields to reflect the new appointment structure and business processes.
211 UM Reports were analyzed during business process review. Analysis yielded different results to best provide data needed for the associated business process. Some reports will be retrofitted, some will take advantage of what PeopleSoft offers, and some data will be provided in other ways.

Communicating change

Please note, this is not the complete listBecause of differences in the impact, timing, audience size, and nature of the work, some reports will not be listed at the same time. Relevant report stakeholders will also receive targeted communication about specific reports and their affiliated business process. If you have questions, please contact esup@umn.edu.
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Report NameReport ID NumberWorkstreamName with Link
Report NameReport ID NumberWorkstreamName with Link
Account Budget Status for Current Non-sponsored Funds 424 Finance  
Sponsored/Non Sponsored Summary - Overall 503 Finance  
Endowment Detail 482 Finance  
Budget Account versus Actual Activity - Current Non-Sponsored Funds 481 Finance  
Asset Management Disposal 572 Finance  
 Transfer Detail 557 Finance  
Endowment Transaction 487 Finance  
DeptID Approvers 524 Finance  
Position Budgeting Distribution Detail 539 Finance  
Accounts Receivable Activity by Invoice 567 Finance  
Asset Management Depreciation Expense 569 Finance  
Non Sponsored Activity By Fiscal Year 507 Finance  
Sponsored Awards in Deficit 474 Finance  
Budget Prep Status by Chartfield String 479 Finance  
Chartfield String Budget Summary for Non-Sponsored Funds 480 Finance  
Sponsored Fixed Price Balances 477 Finance  
Transaction Detail 509 Finance  
Asset Management Depreciation Schedule 570 Finance  
Payroll Detail 508 Finance  
Salary Cost Transfers 490 Finance  
Sponsored Project Summary by Budget Period 504 Finance  
Chartfield String Budget Status for Current Non-sponsored Funds 425 Finance  
Non-Salary Cost Transfers 492 Finance  
Sponsored Award Summary 429 Finance  
Encumbrance Detail report 488 Finance  
Sponsored Flexible Period Expense Summary 496 Finance  
Award Processing Statistics 467 Finance  
Payroll Detail 532 Finance  
Accounts Receivable Status by Chart String 566 Finance  
F&A Recovery 458 Finance  
Chart String Exceptions 564 Finance  
Sponsored Projects in Deficit  568 Finance  
Activity By Account 565 Finance  
Position Budgeting Distribution Summary 652 Finance  
Transaction Detail 526 Finance  
Sponsored Project Activity by Budget Period 505 Finance  
Sponsored Project Detail 434 Finance  
Actual Account Summary by Accounting Period for Current Non-Sponsored Funds 489 Finance  
Encumbrance Detail Report 546 Finance  
Position Budget Status vs Actuals 561 Finance  
Sponsored Project Summary 462 Finance  
Sponsored Award Overview 428 Finance  
Encumbrance Summary 545 Finance  
Sponsored Project Activity by Project Period 506 Finance  
Submitted Proposal Processing Statistics 466 Finance  
Employee Multi Year Payroll Detail 35 HRMS  
Salary Distribution 416 HRMS  
Employed Students with Maxed Work Study Awards and Unmet Need 93 (Drill thru 94) HRMS  
Duluth UEA Union (drill thru from 31-NOA) 52 HRMS  
Job Code Average Salary 129 HRMS  
Biweekly Overtime Report With YTD Totals 417 HRMS  
Work Study Reconciliation 342 HRMS  
Employee Job History 99 HRMS  
Postition Management Position List 406 HRMS  
Work Study Reimbursement 343 HRMS  
9/12 Pay Dates (drill thru from 31-NOA) 50 HRMS  
Payroll Detail (drill thru from 93-Employed Students with Maxed Work Study Awards and Unmet Needs) 94 HRMS  
Custom Campus Mailing and Email List 485 HRMS  
Terminations and Transfers Out 105 HRMS  
Degree and Honors 96 HRMS  
Comp Time Balances (drill thru from 86-Vacation, Sick and Comp Balances) 87 HRMS  
Training History 102 HRMS  
Jobcode Description (drill thru from 31-NOA) 39 HRMS  
Additional Pay (drill thru from 31-NOA) 37 HRMS  
Vacation, Sick and Comp Balances "86 (drill thrus 87, 109)" HRMS  
Employee Review Tracking HRMS  
Employed Students with Unused Work Study Awards 92 HRMS  
Employee Vacation/Sick Usage Summary 109 HRMS  
Payroll Actuals and Encumbrance Summary 71 HRMS  
YTD Employee Distributions 72 HRMS  
New Hires and Transfers In 119 HRMS  
Position Management Vacant Position List 441 HRMS  
Pay Change Report 81 HRMS  
Entry Activity 126 HRMS  
Salary and Fringe Detail by Pay Period 420 HRMS  
Payroll Transactions 75 HRMS  
Notice of Appointments 31 (Drill thrus:36, 37, 39, 50,51, 52) HRMS  
Employees with Change of Status in Pay Period 78 HRMS  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering - PostDocs Ethnicity by Gender 499 Student  
Journal Detail for Student Financials 422 Student  
My Advisees - Dean's List 135 Student  
Rochester Student Roster 255 Student  
Tuition Surcharge 560 Student  
Scholarship Student Selector 314 Student  
EA Confirmed Students by Location (System Wide) 469 Student  
Study Abroad Cost Estimate 476 Student  
Grade Roster Entry Statistics 293 Student  
Dean's List 230 Student  
Big Ten GPA Roster 146 Student  
EA Scholarship 473 Student  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering - Sources and Mechanisms of Support - Part Time 498 Student  
Tuition Course Summary 259 Student  
Tuition Cross College Course Detail 252 Student  
NCAA APR Data Import File 317 Student  
EA Open Doors Survey 484 Student  
Eligibility for Lower Tuition Fringe Rate Assistantship 261 Student  
Tuition Registration Type Summary 250 Student  
EA Application Status 460 Student  
EA Prospect Statistics 478 Student  
My Advisees with Confirmed EA Programs 465 Student  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering - PostDocs Non-Faculty Degree by Mechanisms of Support 500 Student  
Tuition Provostal Summary 256 Student  
Major/Minor Roster 233 Student  
EA Prospect - Applicant Yield 486 Student  
Tuition Cross College Summary 249 Student  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering - Sources and Mechanisms of Support - Full Time 45 Student  
Degree Applicants (not 08GRD) 195 Student  
NCAA APR Data Entry File 316 Student  
EA Confirmed Students by College 470 Student  
NSF-NIH Sources and Mechanisms of Support for Full-Time Graduate Students Detail 48 Student  
Student Addresses 88 Student  
Student Roster Summary Statistics 325 Student  
Degree Honors - Collegiate Detail 291 Student  
Grade Selector 231 Student  
EA Checklist Status 461 Student  
NSF-NIH Race Ethnicity of Full-time and Part-time Graduate Students by Gender Detail 47 Student  
Tuition Allocation Summary 248 Student  
Student Roster Detail List 326 Student  
NSF-NIH Postdoctorates and Non-Faculty Research Staff with Doctorates Detail 502 Student  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering - PostDocs Largest Source of Financial Support 46 Student  
GE Student Non-Graded Course Enrollments 397 Student  
Tuition Section Summary 260 Student  
My Advisees - Graduated Students 136 Student  
Athletics Grade Roster Detail 388 Student  
EA Address List 459 Student  
Student Group Roster Student  
NSF-NIH Sources and Mechanisms of Support for Part-Time Graduate Students Detail 501 Student  
EA Prospect List 464 Student Information about this report 
EA Application Validation 457 Student  
Tuition Course Subject and Level Summary 258 Student  
Rochester Student Roster 398 Student  
EA Confirmed Student Statistics 468 Student  
NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering 44 Student  
Tuition Collegiate Summary 257 Student  
Athletics Grade Roster Summary 387 Student  
Degree Honors Percentage (Undergraduate) 292 Student  
Showing 136 items