“Kudos to Cindy Salyers - an amazing wealth of information about student data and reporting; always available to help others; her quality of work is outstanding; her knowledge and work ethic are valued by all who work with her. She is a one of a kind asset for Reporting.”

“The Time and Labor team, lead by Jalayne Nottom and Greg Marks, gave up their project space to help out the OIM team. And thanks to the Payroll team (Karen KleinSheree MeierKeerthi Narasimha, and Craig Callas) for giving Jalayne and Greg a new home!”  

Diane Kistler - her expertise in HRMS has been critical in building the bridge between HRMS and RDM. She works seamlessly in both work streams to work through and get answers for data questions; she grasps the tremendous change coming, and is able to work through and get answers to any HRMS data questions."

Nancy Killian (Student) for volunteering to jump in and demo new PS functionality on a moment's notice, and the One Stop work group lead by Carrie Otto. This group is making great strides, in a spirit of partnership with Ken Myers and Amber Bailey (UM-Crookston); Carla Boyd, Sharon Witherspoon, and Kris Grant (UM-Duluth); Jill Beauregard and Lori Kurpiers (UM-Morris); Laura Walker (UM-Rochester); and Mandee Nguyen, Matt Tveter, Jennifer Love, Kim Doberstein, Chris Dinger, and Eleanor Pijut (UM-Twin Cities)."

“All members of the Infrastructure and Operations teams; both assigned to ESUP and those that work hard each day across the University supporting ESUP and other projects. Hundreds of tasks are taken care of each day by these people in the background, so that most of us don’t have to worry about it.”

Carolyn Chase takes care of each of us by making sure we have the equipment we need when we need it.  She always has everything ready for new consultants when they start working.  And she even knits us beautiful, fingerless gloves to wear in chilly 150 Williamson. She’s a great upbeat and 'keep it moving’ hero!”

Amy Schult is fairly new to the University but an outstanding asset to RDM. Her work and understanding of reporting and data for higher education has provided great insight for our team. She is the driving force in making the Reporting Center and has jumped in with both feet to work on coordinating testing for RDM.” 

“Kudos to Barbara Scotford and Florent Wilderson Legros! As a team they represent everything 'data' for RDM.  With great can-do attitudes they both have taken on the job of sorting through all the data changes coming from Student, HRMS, and Finance.”

“One of the U Staff whom I think quietly goes above and beyond is Ann Holter. She has a wonderful sense of calm and is always positive, and she has completed many mods across all the modules with no fuss and with extremely high quality. She is seriously a tremendous resource for the project and the U.”

Shannon Shetka is the Lead Business Analyst for Benefits in the HRMS Workstream.  After a busy day on the project, while the rest of us go home and collapse from the exhausting work of the day, Shannon Shetka is continuing her education. She has recently earned a Master’s Degree in Project Management at St. Mary's.”

“Kudos to Teri Spillers (HRMS) for her <almost> mystical power to sense things that other people can't hear or see. What great intuition!”

"The Student Change Management and Communications leads spend their time taking care of the people working on the Student project and the people we serve...They bring good humor, a focus on the team, and deep expertise to their work. We are lucky to have them.”

Jill Beauregard and Laurie Kurpiers (Student Portal) have been so responsive to the Portal team in meeting their requests and have been great advocates for students.”

Mandee Nguyen (Student Portal) – for her excellent and timely support of the Portal team's communication needs.”

Three Unsung Heroes recognized at the January 15th "Celebrate" recognition event. 
(left to right: Aileen Lively, Holly Santiago, and Debbie Wing.)

Aileen Lively (Student) is an unsung hero. She has the most far reaching, in depth knowledge of PeopleSoft than any other member of the team...She steered us through the Peoplesoft upgrade in the late 90's and is doing so again. I know you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket but she is truly the golden egg.”

“Kudos to Holly Santiago (Communications team), who found free studio space, got a quality video camera donated to ESUP, and used available software to build professional quality products so ESUP can produce videos--all within a few months of joining the team!”

Debbie Wing (RDM) from Duluth works on ESUP 50% of her time. She gets up early on Wednesday mornings and gets to campus by 8:00 am. She stays over on Wednesday night, works all day Thursday before driving back to Duluth. Her upbeat attitude is wonderful and she makes sure Duluth’s needs are met!” 

Erin Schaffer is the lead BA for Recruiting in the HRMS Workstream. Erin brings a positive energy to the team and always boosts those around her with her calm and cheerful demeanor. She has taken on extra work to help other team members, while completing her work implementing the Recruiting Solutions module.”

(Entries may have been edited.)