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Below is a list of tools and resources to help University faculty and staff find out what's happening to the UM Reports they use today, and to learn how to find reports after the upgraded systems Go Live. 
  • UM Reports List spreadsheet - List of UM Reports affected by The Upgrade with each report's number, description, information about what's happening to it and where to find it after The Upgrade. Use the tabs at the bottom to view the Finance, HRMS, and Student functional areas. All reports listed in this document will be available in the new Reporting Center.
  • Reporting Center demonstration - A nine-minute video of a Reporting Center demonstration providing more details into how people will access the center, find the reports they need, and use its functionality.

Reports tied to business processes

To the extent possible, University staff in the Interactive Design & Prototyping (IDP) sessions linked reports to their related business processes as part of the discrete work function and usually associated with a module or page in PeopleSoft. Each report listed in the UM Reports List spreadsheet was addressed during an IDP session. Below is a brief description from each work stream describing what's happening to UM Reports in their respective area:

All UM Reports for Finance are staying the same. Only the manner of accessing these reports is changing.

Most HRMS reports from UM Reports will be retained.
  • 33 will be retained
    • 24 of the 33 retained reports will have some new data fields to reflect the new appointment structure and business processes
  • 4 will be available as static, historical reports only
  • 12 will be retired
    • 4 will be replaced by new PeopleSoft pages, queries or reports containing real-time data
    • 8 are no longer needed or the information can be obtained through a different UM Report
  • Additional HRMS reports residing in PeopleSoft and EDMS are being addressed by the HRMS work stream. You can view the status of these reports in this spreadsheet here.
211 UM Reports were analyzed during business process review. Analysis yielded different results to best provide data needed for the associated business process. Some reports will be retrofitted, some will take advantage of what PeopleSoft offers, and some data will be provided in other ways.


If you have questions about reporting or specific reports, please contact